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TWFanFic: Is that a stopwatch in your pocket...? [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Is that a stopwatch in your pocket…?
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
Rating(s): R-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Word Count: 1384.
Summary: Unbetad. Set directly after the events of 1.08 They Keep Killing Suzie, Ianto makes his way to Jack’s quarters, a stopwatch stored safely away in his pocket.
Dedication: Written for keiko_kichi, for playing on my ego enough to get me to write this piece. Okay, so she basically said she liked my writing, that’s enough for my ego! XD Enjoy, darling.
 - - -
Ianto adjusted his tie, taking a moment to smooth his hands down the front of his suit- The Cute Suit, he thought with the vague etchings of a smile. Really Jack could be rather sweet at times- in preparation of heading to Jack's office. He touched reassuringly at his left pocket, feeling the familiar presence of his ever-faithful stopwatch and finding himself suitably calmed at the thought that it was with him.
He'd not been with Jack now for what seemed an age but could only have been weeks, going on months. Even when Lisa- god bless her- was in the picture, she wasn't always enough for him, and though Ianto had loved her dearly, there were many things she could not offer him after their flight from London to Cardiff. Many things he'd sought out in the ever-willing Captain Jack Harkness.
Reaching out to switch the monitor of his computer off, Ianto cleared his mind of all thoughts of Lisa and the glove, as he made his way up to Jack's office. The door was already opened, as if in invitation and though no one appeared to be around, Ianto could see the faint glow of light shining up from the hatch leading to Jack's private quarters.
Ianto pressed his lips into a thin line, suppressing the smile that tried to twist his mouth upwards as he walked towards the hatch. He stood for a moment, simply squinting down into the semi-darkness of Jack's room, but he saw no sign of the Captain.
"Despite the assumption that we may have all night to play with that wondrous little device of yours, Ianto, I'd rather you didn't spend all of it up there."
Jack's voice touched his ears a moment before the cocky Captain stepped into view, his hands on his hips and an eyebrow raised suggestively up at Ianto as the young man stood crouched above him.
"Maybe I just wanted to see how long it would take for you to come find me," Ianto replied, a twinkle in his eye as he watched Jack's face light up perversely.
"Oh, so it's like that is it?" The Captain asked. "I don't know about you, but hide and seek wasn't exactly what I had in mind for this evening."
"It wasn't part of my agenda either, sir." Ianto reassured him, wetting his lips with the quick swipe of a tongue, his eyes darkening as he watched Jack following the movement with his own gaze.
"Then I suggest you get down here, Ianto Jones," Jack said, stepping back a pace and Ianto gripped hold of the ladder and began his descent.
Jack's hands touched at his hips as he lowered himself into the hatch, fingers slipping beneath his suit jacket to bunch in the fabric of his shirt- tugging the material upwards as Ianto moved downwards, till Ianto was stood upon the ground with Jack pressed up close behind him, the Captain's hands releasing the white fabric to slide his fingers up the burn of warm flesh, raising Goosebumps as he grazed his fingertips down then up Ianto's ribs, one arm sliding round his front to press the palm of his hand flat against the heave of his abdomen whilst the other reached up to pluck cheekily at a beading nipple.
"You're..." Ianto gasped out, writhing against Jack's touch, "You're playing on borrowed time, Jack. I've yet to press the button."
"That sounds suspiciously like a pout, Ianto," Jack purred against his ear. He removed the hand that was currently rolling a nipple teasingly between thumb and forefinger and moved to feel at Ianto's pockets, finding the hard lump that bespoke the stopwatch Ianto had brought with him.
"How do my words sound like a pout, sir?" Ianto asked, pouting despite himself as Jack stopped his ministrations.
Jack didn't answer him, though Ianto could feel his smile against the back of his neck as the Captain leant in to kiss him softly at the nape whilst he pulled the stopwatch from his pocket.
Ianto leant backwards with Jack as the older man stepped away, his arm still tight about Ianto's middle as he held the stop watch out in front of him, dangling it before Ianto's face as if in a bid to hypnotise him.
Ianto reached for it, his fingers closing into an expert grip as he twisted his head round to rest upon Jack's shoulder whilst still managing to look up at the Captain.
"Two minutes to get me hard with just a kiss." Ianto breathed, thrilled at the touch of colour that rose to stain across Jack's cheekbones.
"Two minutes? I'll manage that in half the time."
"Always so cocky-," Ianto began but never finished as Jack spun him round and back, pressing Ianto up against the ladder with his body as he took the younger man's face into his hands, cupping at Ianto's cheeks as he pressed his lips- so very coyly at first- against the press of Ianto's mouth, dragging his tongue across the unyielding seem and teasing at the sulk of Ianto's bottom lip. Jack sucked said bottom lip into his mouth, hearing Ianto's hitch of breath as he nibbled lightly at the flesh, knowing it would redden and swell so deliciously by the time he was finished with it.
Ianto moved his hands up to rest at Jack's shoulders, one lifting a little further to press the tick-tick-tocking of the stopwatch against his ear and Jack frowned, opening his eyes to see that Ianto was watching him, his own eyes half-lidded and desire darkened, but with an open sense of amusement as he openly dared Jack to make true his promise.
“Thirty seconds gone,” Ianto smirked with lilting vowels and Jack let out a growl at the perceived mocking. He pressed forward once again, intent on plundering the young Welshman’s mouth with a force that was readily welcomed by pliant lips and a dancing tongue as it rolled over his own in a playful fight of dominance; the kiss growing heated still till Ianto was writhing and whimpering breathlessly against him.
Jack barely heard the click of the stopwatch as Ianto hit the button, pausing the counting of time, though he did feel the hardness that grew to press against his thigh with a grin of triumph as he tried to pull away, breaking apart their lip lock with lingering kisses.
Ianto’s cheeks were blush-pink and stained prettily with his lust as he panted against Jack’s mouth, trying to calm himself enough to glance at the stopwatch he held clenched tightly in his hand.
“Is that a stopwatch in your pocket…?” Jack began, a spark of smugness lighting his eyes. Ianto smacked at his arm, stopping the captain before he could continue further.
“One minute, forty-one seconds, sir.” Ianto cleared his throat.
“That’s not bad,” Jack mused aloud.
“That’s not ‘half the time’ though.” Ianto replied with a smile that faltered into an open-mouthed gasp as Jack purposefully rolled his hips into Ianto, rubbing against the other man’s groin.
“Well if you’re going to get cocky about it,” Jack began with a leer, tracing a hand tenderly down Ianto’s cheeks before slipping them about his waist in a tight hold.
“Are you sure you’re up for this?” Jack found himself asking with seldom-found seriousness, searching Ianto’s eyes for any hesitancy.
Ianto groaned, leaning forward to rest his head against Jack’s shoulder.
“Do you have to ask me now?” Ianto muttered into his neck as he shifted his hips to purposefully rub against Jack’s thigh, his breath a juddering sigh to tickle at Jack’s skin. Jack’s hands clenched fists in Ianto’s rumpled attire.
“Okay,” Jack said, swallowing thickly as Ianto began placing hot mouthed kisses up his neck.
“Ten minutes to get butt naked and…?”
“Ten minutes, Jack?” Ianto smiled against his neck, biting sharply at his flesh before he raised his head to meet Jack’s eyes.
“Oh I think we could do that in half the time,”
“I wasn’t finished,” Jack answered, pressing a quick kiss to Ianto’s reddened lips. “I was going to say that we get butt naked and jiggy, or do you still think we can do that in under ten minutes?”
Ianto smiled, holding up the stopwatch.
Jack grinned, as Ianto hit the button.
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ianto jones, fanfic: torchwood, fanfic: torchwood: coda: 1.08, fic: series: stopwatch smut series, on writing: giftfic

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