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Black Velvet   [ R/18-Rated | Snape/Karkaroff; Karkaroff/Various | Karkaroff seduces each of the Triwizard champions. While Snape watches. | Read Warnings! ]

I've tentatively named that [Torchwood] rough draft rough fic 'Sinnerman' but I'm having issues with that title. Serious issues. ::glares at nothing in particular:: 

I know everyone'll have lost interested by the time I actually post this bloody piece but I always end up stalling when the 'real smut' starts to happen. Aurora always was so much better at writing that hard-core stuff than I was, I just seem to love my plot too much. :S

Anywho, what I really want to ask is would anyone like to proof read this fic for me? I ended up rewriting a huge chunk so am still around that 2500word mark, but I like nay LOVE what I have so far, I'm just getting nervous about "teh!man secks" and need a boost to finish that up. Anyone? Pretty please? 

Much love to you all!

Tags: character: [hp]: igor karkaroff, character: [hp]: severus snape, fandom: torchwood, fanfic: harry potter, fic: rating: r/18, fic: wordcount: 1000-5000, misc: a little help...?, on writing: rough draft

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