Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

TWFiclet: Who was your last kiss? [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Who was your last kiss?
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
Rating(s): PG/13-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Word Count: 849words.
Summary: Unbetad. An alternate version to a certain conversation set at the beginning of 1.06 Countrycide.
A/N: An little bit of a continuation to this little drabble-type piece. Thanks to everyone who wanted an expansion, this is for you guys :)
 - - -
“My turn is it?” Ianto asked quietly as the laughter over Jack’s comment subsided and an uncomfortable silence fell over the table; tense and expectant as they waited for him to bring up Lisa- an admittedly sore subject that Ianto knew they had all been dancing around ever since the incident itself had occurred.
“My last kiss was with Jack.” Ianto said, going for a matter-of-fact tone of voice and forcing any thoughts of Lisa from his mind for the moment as he allowed a smile to creep across his face.
Ianto watched, waiting for the reactions of his colleagues at his offhanded comment.
Heads, which previously had been bowed with eyes averted, snapped up to look disbelievingly between Ianto and Jack. Ianto met all their stares equally, finally allowing his gaze to drift over Jack who sat reclined in his chair, his arms folded across his chest and an eyebrow raised enquiringly towards him.
“Jack?” Owen gaped at him, incredulity lacing his voice as he asked the question that was running through all their minds. “When the hell did you kiss Jack?”
Ianto swallowed, his eyes flashing hurt even as he forced one of those smiles of his onto his face, his eyes flickering up to meet Jack’s own.
“You needn’t make it sound so accusatory, Owen,” Jack said softly, his eyes silently questioning Ianto who simply continued to smile.
“Oh, I didn’t mean… it’s just that you two have barely spoken all that much since…” Owen drifted off and everyone shifted uncomfortably, shooting furtive looks at Ianto who bowed his head for a moment.
“I was unconscious for the most part,” Ianto spoke before the silence could morph into a lingering state. “Lying on the hub floor, half-dazed with a blinding headache, and then the next thing I know there is a mouth moving over my own.” Ianto licked his lips, tilting his head at Jack.
“You’ll excuse my saying so, sir, but that was no attempt at CPR.”
Jack’s face broke into a wide grin and Ianto watched as he threw back his head and gave a bark of laughter at his words. His eyes were shining when he looked back to Ianto, his smile still upon his lips.
“I was only trying to wake you,” Jack grinned, and then more softly, “I didn’t think you remembered. Not with everything else that happened.”
Ianto kept Jack’s gaze for a moment longer, ignoring all stunned expressions being shot in his direction.
“I’m no sleeping beauty, Jack.” Ianto replied after a moment and Jack saw a flash of mischief shining in his eyes.
“Oh, I’m sure you’re anything but, Ianto. I’ll bet you’re a regular all night screamer.” Jack all but purred, leering across the table towards Ianto and grinning all the more widely at the gasps that sounded from the rest of the team. Ianto felt his cheeks heat at the insinuation and bit back a comment about harassment, knowing it would serve only to provoke Jack’s perversity all the more.
“Okay, break it up you two!” Tosh’s voice broke in, sounding rather scandalised at the turn the whole conversation had taken. Gwen let out a little giggle beside her, relaxing a little since her kiss with Owen was mentioned.
“I don’t think that should count, Ianto.” She said with a grin.
“Yeah,” Owen chimed in. “A half-conscious, obviously badly preformed breath of life-,” and here Owen gave Jack a wry look, “-does not a kiss make. There has to at least be some tongue involved.”
Ianto surveyed Owen quietly, turning his gaze over the table one by one before he met Jack’s eyes once more, swallowing heavily as he was forced to think once again of Lisa. Despite trying to fit in with the rest of them, to join in with their banter… Ianto wondered if this was something that would always be hanging over them.
“Oh, you want tongue, Owen?” Jack asked, pushing to his feet and Ianto saw Owen blanch at what sounded frighteningly rather like a proposition.
“No! No, not me.” Owen held up his hands as if the gesture would ward Jack off, laughing as he watched the cocky captain rounding the opposite side of the table and before Ianto knew it, he was being bent backwards at a terrifying angle, his back coming to rest on Jack’s bent knee and Jack’s mouth was pressing insistently against his and yes, there was very definitely tongue involved this time, Ianto thought as his eyes fluttered closed and the hands he’d been flailing around for balance found scrabbling holds in the fabric of Jack’s coat.
Ianto breathed out into the kiss, licking at Jack’s lips as the older man pulled back to look into Ianto’s face, a grin spreading over his mouth at Ianto’s dishevelled, wide-eyed appearance.
“That a kiss enough for you, Owen?” Jack called, not tuning away from Ianto but sharing a wicked smile with him at the squeaky reply they got from Owen’s general direction.
“Thought so,” Jack muttered, still grinning as he leant in to devour Ianto’s mouth once more.
 - - -
Now, don't think I'm always going to be this nice to dear Ianto. After watching Countycide, I've decided he looks rather attractive all bloodied and terrified ;) 
Thanks ya'll for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ianto jones, fanfic: torchwood, fanfic: torchwood: coda: 1.06

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