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Torchwood : 1.06 : Countrycide

This week's episode of Torchwood was beyond fabulous, purely for the fact that Ianto got all bloodied and beaten and GUH but that boy is hot when he's terrified for his life. I have so many plot bunnies frolicking after seeing this episode, not least of which is from a scene near the beginning- did anyone else yell at Ianto when he tried to say that Lisa was his last kiss? Uh, hello!? Are you forgetting about Jack's snog of life, pretty boy!? 

And so, this alternate scene sprang up from my disbelief: 

"My turn is it?" Ianto asked and silence fell over the table, uncomfortable and tense as they waited for him to bring up Lisa- a sore subject many of them had been dancing around since the incident itself.

"My last kiss was with Jack."
Heads, previously bowed with eyes averted, snapped up to look disbelievingly at Ianto... then at Jack, who sat with his arms folded and a raised eyebrow. 
"Jack!?" Owen was the first to ask the question, disbelief lacing his voice.
Ianto looked up with one of those small smiles of his, nodding and shooting a look at Jack.
"That was definitely not CPR, sir," Ianto said and Jack's face broke into a grin, barking out a laugh at Ianto's words.
"I was only trying to wake you up." Jack smiled at him, winking at Tosh whose eyes went wide as saucers.
"Oh, I'm no sleeping beauty, Jack." Ianto replied, looking somewhat mischievous. 
"I'm sure you're a regular screamer, Ianto." Jack all but purred, leering across the table and grinning wider at the 'eeps' sounding around the table.

...I'm thinking of expanding on that. ::nods:: What do you guys think?

There is one thing that rankled for me this episode though and that was just how much it reaked of being like so many other shows. Even Supernatural did it better (as someone over on Torch_Wood said), and lets face it- psycho!yanks are more believable than those Welsh folks were! 

Overall however, I just want to squee over how much Ianto we got. That boy is simply eyecandy in jeans and terror.
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