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TWFanFic: No Faerie Tale [Jack/Ianto]

Title: No Faerie Tale
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
Rating(s): R-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/ Ianto Jones.
Word Count: 1005words.
Summary: Unbetad. Set right at the beginning of 1.05 Small Worlds, Jack’s lingering touch lingers a little longer…
A/N: What was supposed to be a light, romanticised piece seems to have taken on a bit of a sinister turn there towards the end. Sorry about that, chaps! :D
A/N ii: The quote "It's not a faerie tale, Ianto. The monsters are real, and there is no such thing as happily ever after..." was used thanks to a prompt by g_shadowslayer.
 - - -
"You shouldn't be here." Jack breathed, startled by Ianto's presence in the hub. He shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his trousers, hiding the rose petal he'd been contemplating from sight. He knew it was an omen, knew that the return of his nightmarish memories coupled with the finding of this single blood-red petal were not mere coincidences- the faeries were coming, they were coming… may already have come.
Ianto looked up in surprise, tearing his eyes from the folder he'd been studying. Another case file, Jack noticed with a suppressed frown. He didn’t think he’d seen Ianto stop working since the incident with the cyber- with Lisa. If it weren’t for Ianto’s immaculate as ever appearance, Jack would have been sure the young Welshman wasn’t taking care of himself nearly as much as he should be. Still, working oneself into an early grave wasn’t exactly the sign of a wholly sane man either.
"Neither should you," Ianto replied stiffly. His eyes watching Jack cautiously as he snapped the folder he’d been reading shut. They remained still for a moment, carefully sizing each other up before Jack made to step towards him.
Ianto all but recoiled, his heart hammering against his chest as he forced himself to move, his whole body tense as he walked up to the computer he’d been working on. He touched the mouse, disturbing the flash of the screensaver and pretended to engross himself amongst the graph charts and figures that reappeared on the screen.
In truth, Ianto was entirely too aware of Jack’s presence, hearing the echoing tap of his footsteps as the older man walked up behind him, stopping only an inch or two away from Ianto and Ianto could swear he felt the heat of Jack’s chest against his back. So close.
They’d avoided being alone together since… since his perceived betrayal. The words they had spoken, their actions towards each other, the gun’s they’d wielded at one another- somehow it had all combined to give them a frightening sense of just what they were capable of when pushed. They had tested each other’s boundaries and though they had managed not to kill each other at the end of it, there was only so much a man could take. Only so much a man was willing to take.
Ianto inhaled a sharp breath at the first touch. Jack’s hand rested atop his shoulder in an almost comforting way and Ianto was holding his breath, turning his head just slightly to shoot a furtive look at the hand that rubbed lightly over the spot it held. Ianto turned his eyes away just as quickly.
“What you got?” Jack asked and Ianto swallowed heavily. Jack’s voice was just as firm and commanding as ever and showed no sign that he knew of the effect his stroking hand was having upon Ianto. Ianto who could feel the warmth of Jack’s palm even through the layers he wore; his suit so protection against Jack’s touch.
“Funny sort of weather patterns,” Ianto managed to choke out in a suspiciously unsteady tone of voice as Jack slid his hand from his shoulder, tracing a path downwards before settling there at the small of Ianto’s back in a touch that gave off the impression of being possessive, domineering even as Jack’s fingers danced in circling strokes across his lower back.
“Jack?” Ianto breathed out, wanting to sigh in relief when Jack removed his hand completely but the want was lacking and Ianto found himself twisting around to face Jack, the space between them tight, non-existent as he found his chest brushing up against Jack’s own with every inhale.
Ianto tried to control his panting breaths, knowing how much more obvious they would be to Jack now that they stood facing one another, their bodies so very close. Jack’s eyes were unfathomably dark as they stared deep into Ianto’s own, searching for something in the depths of his own gaze.
Whether Jack found what he wanted, Ianto wasn’t sure, because just as Jack blinked his eyes- breaking the intensity of their shared look- and made to step back, Ianto’s hand snapped out on impulse and grabbed at Jack’s forearm, his fingers tightening their grip as he shuffled that inch of space forward, forcing them into a closer contact.
“Ianto,” Jack’s voice sounded deeper now, just as commanding but with an edge to it that made Ianto shiver, remembering that night not so very long ago- a gun to his head, hot lips across his mouth, a punch that said more than words ever could.
“Are you afraid of me, Ianto?” Jack asked in a purr that made Ianto’s legs week, his mouth parting in a gasp as Jack reached to hold him- strong hands bruising and tight about his hips as he tugged their bodies close enough to hurt.
“Yes…” Ianto’s eyes were wide, dark and wide and unable to look away from Jack now that they were close, so much closer than they had ever been before.
“It’s not a faerie tale, Ianto,” Jack said, with that feral look flashing in his eyes, smiling that boyish grin that hid the truth of something darker lurking beneath. “It can never be a faerie tale.”
And then Jack’s mouth was pressing down to cover his, and Ianto tasted emotion so fierce and so damning as to have him shivering, trembling in Jack’s arms, his hands clawing uselessly against Jack’s hold, and that’s when he knew, he knew… he knew-
“The monsters are real,” Jack pulled away, his lips reddened and wet and grinning as he spoke, “and there is no such thing as happily ever after.”
- the monsters were real, and Jack really was one of them. Jack was one and he knew and he held him so close, so tightly- too tightly- and Ianto was caught. Wholly and utterly caught and he was spiralling out of control. Spiralling down and into his control. And Jack had him now. Jack would always have him.
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ianto jones, fanfic: torchwood, fanfic: torchwood: coda: 1.05

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