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HMDFiclet: An Interview To Remember [Gen. RC\GH]

Title: An Interview To Remember
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
Rating(s): U-Rated.
Pairing(s): None. Featuring Chase, House and Wilson.
Word Count: 784words.
Summary: Unbetad. A light piece on Chase’s very first interview with… House?!
A/N: Added to my housefic50 Gregory House/Robert Chase table as #o1 Beginnings.

Dedication: A little something written for johanirae to celebrate her 330th Day Anniversary of drawing House! XD

- - -

Chase ran his fingers through his hair in a futile bid to quell his nervousness, as he stood out in the hall of Princeton-Plainsboro’s Diagnostics Department awaiting his interview with one Doctor House.

When he’d arrived earlier that morning, he’d been surprised to find four other young hopefuls already waiting, discovering upon further enquiry that Doctor House rarely showed up before ten o’clock and as such had yet to arrive, much to the displeasure of the young man who’d been waiting since half-past eight that morning.

It was now a quarter to twelve at the moment and already Chase had witnessed one young man fleeing his interview in tears, a young lady leaving Doctor House’s office looking pale and terrified, and a third young lady whom had looked on the verge of hurling the contents of her stomach as she left the room.

Things were not looking good, Chase mused, mentally timing the young man currently sitting in House’s office and wondering how long he’d last himself under the scrutiny of the Diagnostician.

“You here for the interview?” A voice asked him and Chase’s head snapped round quickly, not having heard anyone approach. An older man stood before him, wearing a white lab coat and a name badge, which proclaimed him to be- DOCTOR WILSON- in big bold lettering.

Breathing a calming sigh of relief and nodding his head in answer to Doctor Wilson’s question. Wilson watched as Chase reached up to fiddle with the knot of his tie, the gesture garnering a tight-lipped smile from the older doctor.

“I’d tell you not to be nervous, but he’s in a foul mood this morning.” Doctor Wilson said, watching as Chase swallowed heavily.

“That’s… comforting to know, thanks.” Chase replied, though he’d already assumed as much. Wilson grinned at him, the look boyish as his mouth crinkled at the corners with his amusement.

“You’re Australian?” Wilson asked, sounding as if he already knew the answer. Chase nodded his head once again.

“A long way from home, aren’t you?”

“I hear that Doctor House is the best. Worth moving a country or two to get an internship with him.”

“Oh there’s no denying he’s good,” Wilson agreed, “but worth the abuse, do you think?”

Chase was thankfully stopped from saying anything else as the man currently being interviewed stormed out of House’s office looking livid and muttering under his breath about what ‘a bloody waste of time that was!

“He lasted longer than the others,” Chase mused aloud, the comment garnering a bark of laughter from Wilson.

“Think that’s a good sign?” The doctor asked him, shifting his weight from one leg to the other.

Chase shrugged with a smile. “Is he actually conducting interviews in there or going for a personal best in the humiliation of prospective employees?”

“I think he reached his personal best with the first one. I hear the young man he was interviewing actually begged for the job before breaking down in tears. That’s never happened before.”

Chase groaned and threw his head into his hands. “I don’t stand a chance,” He muttered before stooping to lift his bag from the floor and turning back to Doctor Wilson.

“I’ll be called soon, I think,” He said, holding his hand out towards the other doctor, “It was nice knowing you, Doctor Wilson. Please, if they can’t find my body…”

Wilson let out another bark of laughter, taking Chase’s proffered hand in a shake.

“Doctor Chase,” Wilson grinned at him, his whole face changing to a more mischievous look. “Your body is now my personal property.”

“W-what?” Chase stammered, automatically following as Wilson took him by the elbow and led him to House’s office.

“Welcome to Princeton-Plainsboro. You start tomorrow.”

Chase gaped at him as they entered the Diagnostics Department.

“Doctor… House?”

The Doctor turned to him with another grin.

“The one and only,” He replied and Chase could only stare at him. Blinking in surprise as he watched the older man shedding his clothing till he stood before Chase in only a pair of pressed black pants and an overly-washed shirt that once loudly proclaimed the name of some rock n roll band or other.

“You, stay here,” House commanded, rummaging around his desk and coming away with a few bits of paper. “Fill in this… contract thing while you’re waiting. I need to go and give the real Doctor Wilson back his clothes.”

And with a roguish grin, Chase watched as House exited the room to the balcony and jumped a low wall separating his office from the “real Doctor Wilson’s” own.

“Give him back his clothes!?” Chase gasped with wide eyes, wondering just what the hell he’d gotten himself into.

- - -


- - -
Tags: challenge: housefic50: house/chase, character: [hmd]: gregory house, character: [hmd]: robert chase, fanfic: house md, fic: rating: u, fic: wordcount: 500-1000, on writing: giftfic

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