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Obsessive much?

I downloaded John Barrowman's interview (on the Johnathan Ross show) on Friday and can't stop watching it. It's getting ridiculous now. Especially as I keep watching it in a bid to make up for the fact I missed Sunday's episode of Torchwood. It's okay though, only three and a half hours till it comes on BBC3! (Obsessive much?)
I've also completely changed my NaNoWriMo idea again ::headdesk:: 50,000words in the next 16 days? Nay bother, mate! ::runs around like a headless chicken::

EDT: 00:50
NaNoWriMo: Wild Justice [2006 Version]
Current Word Count: 2404/50,000.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,404 / 50,000

Tags: actor: john barrowman, challenge: nanowrimo, ramble(s)

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