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Current Deadlines : Version .5.0

Current Deadlines : Version .5.0

November 30th - [NaNoWriMo] 50,000word entry to be submitted. HA! Like that was ever going to happen.

November 30th - [House MD] House_Fest October-November o6 entry due. Special Prompt b. Halloween. 500words min. Beta needed. 
^ Penguin Suits and Sombre Moods [Gen. House\Cuddy]

December 2nd - 17th - [House MD] HW_Fest. Check for Claims Approved. Claims have not been approved (!?)

December 20th -January 1st - [Torchwood] TW_Exchange entry due. Prompt 64. The TARDIS arrives in Cardiff on Christmas Day. 

Other Projectes:

December - [House MD] The Shala : Chapters 6 onwards to be written/posted.

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