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[ not all those who wander are lost ]

Currently backpacking my way around the world, so updates to this journal will be sporadic at best. I'll try to update you all with my writing progress when I can but the best place for any fanfiction updates, just due to the ease of posting, will be over on [ AO3 ].

Alternatively, if you'd like to keep up to date with my writing and my travels, as of January 2016, you can visit me on my new website:

March 2016: I've just released my debut novel! Amanzimtoti: The Ridge! This Young Adult, LGBT, Coming of Age story is set in Amanzimtoti, South Africa and follows Wayne du Preez as he starts his matric. Completing his final year of high school wont be his only problem, however, when a boy from his childhood makes a surprise reappearance in small town Toti, throwing Wayne's picket-fence dreams with girlfriend Jess into a tailspin and forcing him to deal with a part of himself he's been denying ever since he shared his first kiss with Kyle way back when...

You can find out more or read the excerpts from Amanzimtoti: The Ridge via [ my website ].